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Rural MH101®

A workshop for people in rural communities to learn how to support someone experiencing mental health challenges, and maintain your wellbeing.

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Rural life and work has some great benefits, and unique challenges. When the pressures add up, it isn’t always easy to maintain your mental wellbeing or know how to support others. Rural MH101® can help.

Rural MH101® is designed specifically for people living and working in rural communities. Delivered by facilitators with rural backgrounds, this workshop will give you the tools and strategies to recognise when someone is experiencing mental health challenges, how to support them when they need it, and how to maintain your own mental health and wellbeing.

You’ll learn to better understand and relate to what someone in mental distress might be experiencing, and what to do in different situations, including when there is a risk of suicide or self harm. The workshop also covers the impacts of stress and trauma, when to share concerns, and when and how to get expert help.

Rural MH101® is designed for adults 18 years old and over.

Upcoming Sessions

In person

Workshop length: One full day, 9am to 4.30pm

We run our free* in-person workshops in communities across Aotearoa New Zealand, with up to 25 participants per workshop. You’ll get the benefits of Rural MH101® with the opportunity to meet other people in your area, plus lunch is included.

Check out our upcoming workshops on the calendar above to find the next one nearest you and book your spot, or find out more about private workshops.

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Workshop length: Three 2-2.5 hour sessions across two or three different days

Each free* online workshop takes place in three sessions across three days, with up to 25 participants per workshop. This workshop is run via Zoom and offers an interactive, engaging way to get the benefits of Rural MH101® from the comfort of your place.

Check our FAQs to make sure you have everything you need to participate online. Use the upcoming workshops information above to book your spot in the workshop that works for you or find out more about private workshops.

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