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Wayne Duncan


Kia ora

Most know me as a person who enjoys nothing more than being with people, sharing ideas and experiences as we grow together. This is possibly why I have a passion for education, psychology, social research and a range of other interests involving people and new experiences.  Combined with being involved in teaching, school management, project management, consultancy and research, I also completed my Masters in Educational Psychology and a Doctorate in an area of special social importance, that of empathy.

For me, however, true wisdom comes from the merging of knowledge and experience.  As such I believe I am fortunate to view mental health through a range of lenses, those of knowledge, personal experience, and helping others with mental health challenges.  As part of MH101®, I relish the opportunity to share my perspectives by looking through those lenses and also learning from yours. You may even find meeting me interesting, as I am also known as a bit of a laugh!

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