Enhancing the wellbeing of people and communities through inspirational learning

Blueprint for Learning is New Zealand's leading provider of learning and development for people working in the mental health and social service sectors.

Our dream is to enhance the wellbeing of people and communities through inspirational learning.

Blueprint is best known for our comprehensive range of mental health training.

Our programmes cater for both government and non-government providers from one day workshops to comprehensive mental health leadership training.

We are NZQA registered. This demonstrates our commitment to quality, productivity and customer satisfaction.

Our workshops


Blueprint for Learning delivers the MH101 programme – a one-day Ministry of Health endorsed workshop designed to increase the confidence of the learners to recognise, relate and respond to people experiencing mental distress or illness.

The programme which has been delivered to over 23,000 frontline staff across New Zealand so far, evidences impressive changes amongst staff who attend. 

The programme is developed to ‘fill the gap’ between knowing that you want to help, but not knowing how.

Described as the “the best training I’ve ever attended in my entire career”, participants have been clear that the programme has made a significant difference in their lives, saying that, “this course taught me that heroic responses or great deeds are NOT required…It’s within the capacity of anyone to react appropriately”. 

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Leading Wellbeing at Work

Leading Wellbeing at Work is designed to give your managers, team leaders and emerging leaders the knowledge and confidence to recognise and understand mental health and substance use issues, to appropriately respond to and support people who may show signs of stress and distress in the workplace, and to promote wellbeing in your organisation to help prevent issues arising.

Healthy workplaces … good for you, good for your people, good for business.

Modern workplaces have many common challenges – high workloads, pressure to meet targets, long hours, changing technologies and relationship issues – which can impact significantly on worker wellbeing, increasing the incidence of stress and mental health and addiction challenges.

The overall aim of Leading Wellbeing at Work is to identify and develop knowledge and skills to provide support and help to people experiencing distress at work, and to promote wellbeing in your workplace.

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