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Giving people the confidence to recognise, relate and respond to people experiencing mental illness or distress. 

MH101 is a one-day mental health awareness workshop for New Zealanders that:

  • has been delivered to over 25,000 frontline staff across New Zealand
  • fills the gap between knowing that you want to help, but not knowing how.

The Ministry of Health funds a number of workshops around the country each year. These workshops are open and free for frontline government and social services staff who are not trained in mental health or addictions and who work for non-mental health services. If you’re unsure of eligibility, please contact us.

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Organisations can also purchase workshops and are welcome to contact us to find out more. 

Download our pdf about MH101.

Addiction 101

Understanding problematic substance use and other behaviours. 

Addiction 101 is a one-day workshop which will help participants: 

  • develop the knowledge and confidence to understand and recognise addiction and wellbeing challenges 

  • explore their own values and attitudes 

  • provide appropriate support for people experiencing and affected by problematic substance use, including substances such as synthetic cannabinoids and methamphetamine. 

Funded by the Ministry of Health until June 2020 and delivered across New Zealand to participants at no cost. 

Co-facilitated by someone who has lived experience of problematic substance use and other behaviour and recovery, and someone who has clinical experience working in the addiction sector. This is a powerful way to explore stigma and discrimination, as well as conveying that recovery is possible.  

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Download our pdf about Addiction 101.

Leading Wellbeing at Work

Mental health learning for managers. 

Leading Wellbeing at Work is designed to give your managers, team leaders and emerging leaders the knowledge and confidence to:

  • recognise and understand mental health and substance use issues
  • appropriately respond to and support people who may show signs of stress and distress in the workplace
  • promote wellbeing in your organisation to help prevent issues arising.

Modern workplaces have many common challenges – high workloads, pressure to meet targets, long hours, changing technologies and relationship issues – which can impact significantly on worker wellbeing, increasing the incidence of stress and mental health and addiction challenges.

Develop knowledge and skills to provide support and help to people experiencing distress at work, and to promote wellbeing in your workplace. 

Healthy workplaces … good for you, good for your people, good for business.

Download our pdf about Leading Wellbeing at Work.


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