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Medical information

Blueprint NZ Ltd, trading as Blueprint for Learning, does not provide specific psychological or medical advice on this website; any reference to conditions or treatments is here for informational and educational purposes only to help visitors better understand mental health and mental distress.

Blueprint for Learning will not provide specific psychological or medical advice, and the website should not be used as a substitute for seeking professional care.

For further information about a condition or any treatments, or if you are concerned about the wellbeing of someone, please consult a qualified mental health professional or dial 111 if it is an emergency.

General information

While every care has been taken in the preparation of the information contained on this website, visitors are reminded that Blueprint for Learning cannot accept any legal liability for any errors or omissions or damages resulting from reliance on the information contained in this document and on this website.

Blueprint for Learning does not endorse or recommend any commercial products or services. Inclusion of an author’s views or opinions on our website does not mean they state or reflect those of Blueprint for Learning, and private parties may not use them for advertising or product endorsement purposes.

Other websites

Some of Blueprint for Learning’s web pages link to those of other organisations. This does not constitute an endorsement of their policies or products. Blueprint for Learning takes no responsibility for the quality of information held on those websites.

Pop-up advertisements

When visiting our site, your web browser may produce “pop-up” advertisements (advertisements that spontaneously appear on your computer screen). The most likely source of such an advertisement is another website you visited or third-party software on your computer. Blueprint for Learning does not endorse or recommend products or services featured in advertisements that “pop up” during your visit to our site.

Privacy policy

Any information you transmit to this website is transmitted at your own risk. Any personal information you disclose via bulletin boards, forums, emails or chat sessions can be viewed by others. However, all transactions or receipts of any customer information are treated by Blueprint NZ Ltd, trading as Blueprint for Learning, as strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to any other party, except under the following circumstances:

  • in anonymised form for statistical purposes
  • when it is required by law
  • to protect the rights of Blueprint NZ Ltd
  • when permission has been granted to do so (for example, bookings for workshops).

The following explains how we handle information about your visit to our site.

Sending us personal information?

If you choose to provide us with personal information through an email or form we store the question and the email address so that we can respond electronically.

Storage and access

Any personal information we receive from you will be stored and destroyed securely. You may request access to, or correction of, this information by contacting the Chief Executive, Box 6169, Marion Square, Wellington.

About our cookies

When you visit the Blueprint for Learning website, it will attempt to set “session cookies” on your browser. A browser session begins when you open your browser and ends when you close it. A cookie is a text file that a website transfers to your browser to remember specific information about your visit or visits. Unlike persistent cookies, session cookies do not remain on your computer after you close your browser. Thus, closing your browser will delete the session cookies.

Blueprint for Learning does not use cookies to collect personal information about you, but only about your browser session. The cookies make it easier for you to use the dynamic features of certain pages.

Make sure you close your browser completely after you have finished with a website that uses cookies. If you are concerned about the potential use of information cookies gather from your computer, you can set your browser to ask for your permission before it accepts a cookie.

NB: Once you click on a link that takes you to another website, you are subject to that website’s privacy policy.

Our communication with you

Blueprint or Learning communicates electronically with stakeholders. It does this in a number of ways. In all its communications with the public, Blueprint for Learning seeks to be fully compliant with the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007.

Email notices

  • Informs subscribers about workshops and events..


  • Information emails are sent to people on our database on an “as required” basis.
  • Contacts and their details have been collated from many and various sources.
  • Before the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act came into law, every person on the database was given the opportunity to opt out.
  • Every email sent subsequently gives the receiver the opportunity to opt out of receiving further emails sent from this database.

Business cards

When you give your business card to a member of Blueprint for Learning staff, we consider that to be consent to Blueprint for Learning using your personal contact details for the purposes of communicating with you.


Blueprint for Learning does not wish to receive any unsolicited email messages solely as a result of publishing email addresses on our website.



The public may reproduce any information from the Blueprint for Learning website except for documents that state another copyright policy applies.

Permission is granted for the information contained to be copied, used and, or, distributed under the following conditions only:

  • the source is acknowledged; and
  • no fee is charged (that is, you do not on-sell it); and
  • it is exclusively used for educational purposes; and
  • no alterations are made to the selected material; and
  • you retain internet sites that link to this site rather than copying files.

Restrictions on the reproduction of a document may arise if another party has sponsored it. Blueprint for Learning, however, is the sole sponsor of most of the information on this site.


Blueprint for Learning’s publications are subject to the conditions above. Note that:

  • Blueprint for Learning does not endorse or recommend any commercial products, processes, or services, and publications may not be used for advertising or endorsement purposes.
  • Blueprint for Learning does not provide specific psychological or medical advice or treatment recommendations or referrals. Blueprint for Learning material must not be used in a manner that gives the appearance of giving such advice, recommendations or referrals.
  • Blueprint for Learning requests that you not alter its publications, and that you respect the integrity of its brand.
  • The appearance of others’ logos and website links on this site does not indicate Blueprint for Learning’s endorsement of any products or services or psychological or medical treatments.

If you have questions regarding these guidelines and use of Blueprint for Learning’s publications, please contact us at info@blueprint.co.nz.


Blueprint for Learning is committed to making its website accessible to people with disabilities.

If you rely on assistive technologies (such as Braille or screen readers) to access the web and encounter problems visiting our site, please let us know. To report an accessibility problem, please contact us.