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Evaluating the impact of Addiction 101 learning


August 8, 2021

Addiction 101 is a one-day mental health literacy workshop that aims to increase awareness and reduce the stigma associated with addiction.

Funded by the Ministry of Health and run by Blueprint for Learning, Addiction 101 is designed for New Zealanders working in organisations and active in the community. It’s also a great option for anyone without a qualification in this area but who wants to learn about addiction and recovery.

Understanding addiction and recovery

Addiction 101 is a workshop that works, giving people greater confidence to recognise the signs of addiction issues, and a better understanding of addiction and recovery using Te Whare Tapa Whā – a holistic model of health incorporating physical, mental, spiritual and family/social wellbeing.

People who completed the workshop felt they improved their understanding of the impact of trauma, and the power of language they use, enabling them to better support people experiencing addiction issues.

Learning that stays with you

An impact evaluation conducted by Te Pou published in July 2021 also showed the increased confidence, understanding and skills gained from Addiction 101 were maintained four to eight months later. Almost all participants (90%) felt more confident talking about addiction and recovery, and said what they learned was useful for both their workplace and their personal life.

  • 86% felt confident about recognising signs of problematic substance abuse
  • 85% were confident in responding supportively to someone experiencing addiction and wellbeing issues
  • 75% had initiated conversations about substance use with others since the workshop
  • 75% improved their self-care
  • 96% would recommend Addiction 101 to other people.

Impact Evaluation of Addiction 101 summary and report

You can find a quick summary of key findings in the Addiction 101 impact infographic.

 Read more detail in the full July 2021 Impact Evaluation of Addiction 101 report.

Find an Addiction 101 workshop

Register now for the workshop you know works, and get a better understanding of addiction and recovery, and how to respond supportively.

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