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Evaluating the impact of MH101® learning


October 30, 2020

MH101® is a one-day mental health literacy workshop that increases people’s confidence in recognising mental illness or distress, and gives them the knowledge and skills to respond appropriately. 

Funded by The Ministry of Health and run by Blueprint for Learning, the workshop is designed for New Zealanders working in frontline government and social sector roles. It’s also suitable for anyone working in community-based organisations, such as Citizen’s Advice Bureau, kaupapa Māori agencies, family/whānau based services, and schools or tertiary institutes – sectors that often support vulnerable communities. 

Essential mental health training that works 

People who attend MH101® report feeling more confident in their ability to recognise when people are experiencing mental health challenges, how to support them, and how to improve their own self-care. 

It’s learning that lasts. In an impact evaluation completed by Malatest Ltd in June 2020, the increased confidence, understanding and skills people gained during their MH101® workshop were maintained six months later. Nearly all MH101 workshop participants (90%) said they were more confident talking about mental health issues. 

  • 70% could confidently recognise signs of depression and anxiety disorder 
  • 80% used their learnings at work and shared what they learned with colleagues.  
  • 90% found the co-facilitator’s personal experiences of mental health very useful or useful 
  • 75% were confident they knew how to look after their mental health (most respondents said they were using more strategies to keep themselves well) 
  • 88% said the workshop was relevant to people with diverse cultural backgrounds and spiritual beliefs. 

Impact Evaluation of MH101® summary and full report 

You can find a quick summary of key findings in the MH101® impact evaluation infographic.

Read more detail in the full June 2020 Impact Evaluation of MH101® report. 

Find a MH101® workshop 

Register now for the workshop you know works. Learn what to do, and when, to support someone experiencing mental health challenges, and how to maintain your own wellbeing. 

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