Stress, Resilience and Wellbeing Webinar

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Stress, Resilience and Wellbeing Webinar

Understand stress and build resilience to support wellbeing.



There are many situations in today’s ever-changing world that create uncertainty for all of us, and this can impact on our mental health and general wellbeing. In this 2.5-hour webinar, we will use evidence-based strategies to help people learn to build resilience and maintain their wellbeing.


The cost is $110 + GST per individual. We can also deliver this webinar for a workplace, accommodating up to 25 participants in a session at a cost of $1700 +GST. Please contact us to organise this.

The Stress, Resilience and Wellbeing webinar will be delivered via Zoom. Our webinars are interactive and to get the most out of the session, you will need to have:

  • a stable internet connection.
  • your own device as you will be going into breakout rooms in Zoom, so you can’t share a device.
  • a microphone and camera connected to your device. 

If there are multiple participants sitting in the same room, we recommend that everyone uses headphones. This stops any feedback or echoes on the online connection.

You are welcome to join the webinar 15 minutes early, to troubleshoot your tech with our team. If you are unsure if you have suitable technology to enable you to participate in Stress, Resilience and Wellbeing webinar, Please contact us before your first scheduled session, so we can assist with your technology issues.

Anytime, anywhere, and any industry

This webinar is currently delivered remotely via Zoom, to participants aged 18 years and above living in New Zealand. Individuals can register for scheduled webinars on this website. 

Quality learning

Blueprint for Learning is an NZQA accredited Private Training Establishment. We have the highest quality Category 1 External Education and Review rating in education achievement and self-assessment issued by NZQA.

Our training is interactive, participatory, and experientially based – catering for the diverse needs of all our learners with an approach that consistently leads to exceptional levels of learner satisfaction.

Course outline

  • Stress and its impact
  • Line of Vulnerability when managing stress
  • Building resilience using Te Whare Tapa Whā
  • Wellbeing resources.

Course resources

Upon registration, you will be provided with a workbook and other resources you will use during the webinar via a password protected URL.