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Blueprint Leadership Series

The Blueprint Leadership Series is a programme of three workshops designed to teach you how to successfully pause, reflect and innovate. With over 50 attendees to date, this series has been shown to have a significant impact on the ability of those who attend, to refocus their time and passion for the work that they do.

Attendance at all three workshops will allow your leadership learnings and outcomes to progressively build with each workshop attendance.

Workshop details - Hamilton 2017

Pause - Thursday, 23 February

The ability and skill to purposefully pause and consider is not always easy, but it makes for great leaders.Taking the time to understand your role both personally and professionally, and the services you provide, can be both discouraging and enlightening, but is vital. This workshop will teach you how to  pause using currently renowned best practice, and allow you to directly focus on a contribution to the wider sector that will both inspire and challenge.

Play - Tuesday, 4 April

Remember how excited you were as a child when your imagination meant that nothing was impossible? When rules were made up as you went along and you confidently tackled the greatest of battles without blinking an eyelid? This workshop will focus on regaining confidence in risk, innovation and trying new ways of working. You will learn methods to excite your team, introduce innovation and encourage thinking outside the square, and provide solutions to major sector issues along the way.

Practice - Thursday, 25 May

The sector is filled with best practice models and constantly changing focus based on national and international trends. Knowing how to navigate your way through these, and choose what it most relevant for you, is an issue all services face. Clinical governance, distributive leadership, collaborative practice, service integration… how do you attend to them all? This workshop will help you to learn how to distinguish the needs of your workplace with the best practice on offer, and help you to choose wisely in how your time as a service is spent.


A number of scholarships are available for mental health and addiction service user leaders and family advisors. The scholarships will pay the workshop fee plus a contribution to travel if needed. Download scholarship application forms below.

More information

Please contact sonja.eriksen@blueprint.co.nz to discuss training options in 2017.

Tailored programmes to suit your organisation

Focussed, flexible, committed and caring leaders offer inspirational vision to their communities — and model the qualities needed to turn that vision into practical success.

Blueprint for Learning believes in the importance of equipping and supporting exemplary leaders in the public health sectors.

Our programmes provide many benefits – not just to the participant, but to their colleagues, their organisations and their sector.

Students say our programmes give them knowledge, skills and connections; and with a stronger understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing their sector.

"Learning the difference between management skills and leadership skills was quite significant for me, as was learning about workplace culture and transformational change. I also gained a significant amount of confidence in presenting information to groups of people and have used that confidence to develop and deliver training programmes for various audiences.”

Organisations that have supported their leaders through Blueprint’s programmes report that their professional development has led to organisational improvement through:

  •      better performing teams
  •      greater consumer and culture-awareness
  •      improved succession planning
  •      greater staff retention
  •      an improved profile

"People come away with a desire to work more strategically and influence change.”

"I am highly supportive of the programme as it raises the bar of the staff who attend, thus raising the competence of the organisation.”

For information about our tailored programmes, please contact Sonja Eriksen: sonja.eriksen@blueprint.co.nz



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