Does Blueprint for Learning deliver workshops anywhere in New Zealand?

Yes! We deliver in-person workshops from Cape Reinga to Bluff. Our online workshops are also available to people anywhere in New Zealand.

What is the maximum number of participants per workshop?

The maximum number of attendees for both in-person and online workshops is 25.

Is there an age limit to attend?

Our workshops are designed for people 18 and over.

Do you deliver workshops on weekends?


Do the workshops cover potentially challenging or distressing topics like suicide?

Our workshops cover mental health and addiction challenges, the impact of mental distress, and suicide which can be distressing for some participants.  We encourage you to think about how this workshop may affect you and what support you will need to ensure your wellbeing.  Should you wish to delay attending, please contact us.

What happens after I register for a workshop?

You will receive a confirmation email detailing everything you need to know about the workshop. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

I have not received my confirmation email or post-workshop survey email.

From time to time, emails from us may end up in your junk mail folder. If you’ve checked there and nothing has come through, please contact us at info@blueprint.co.nz.

When you are registering, please check the details entered are correct.  The name you give will appear on your attendance certificate and all communications will be sent to the email address provided.

What happens if I can no longer attend the workshop?

If you are registered to attend a workshop and can no longer attend, please email the Blueprint for Learning team at info@blueprint.co.nz.

A member of the team will acknowledge the receipt of your email and add you to the workshop waitlist if you wish.

There is a high demand for our workshops, so if you’re unable to attend please give us as much notice as is reasonably possible.

Is MH101® different to Rural MH101®?

The content covered for both are very similar however, Rural MH101® applies a rural perspective and is delivered by facilitators with rural backgrounds.

Costs and eligibility

How much does it cost to attend a Ministry of Health funded workshop?

There is no cost to attend in-person or online workshops funded by the Ministry of Health.

Who is eligible to attend a Ministry of Health funded workshop?

Anyone who is likely to encounter people experiencing mental distress or addiction challenges, particularly people working in frontline roles supporting youth, Māori, Pasifika, rural, or Rainbow communities.

Registered health professionals working in the mental health and addiction sector, or with previous mental health or addiction training are NOT eligible to attend Ministry of Health funded workshops.

Community workshops are limited to a maximum of five participants from a single organisation.

What is the cost of a private workshop?

Our workshops are available for organisations to purchase for either in-person or online delivery. Please contact us to discuss your workshop needs and pricing.

Covid-19 Protection Framework

Will in-person workshops continue under the Red and Orange settings?

Yes, in-person workshops will continue under Red, Orange and Green settings. Public health measures, such as 1-metre physical distancing, will be in place and participants are encouraged to wear face masks.

Do I need to have the Covid-19 vaccinations to attend an in-person workshop?

No, under the Orange traffic light setting participants do not need to show a vaccine pass to attend in-person workshops. 

Online workshops are available and will continue to be offered.

Are Blueprint for Learning facilitators vaccinated?

Yes, all Blueprint facilitators and staff are required to be fully vaccinated under the Health mandate.

Attendance certificates

How soon will I receive my certificate of attendance? Does the certificate include the workshop hours?

You will receive your certificate of attendance within 48 hours of attending the workshop and it will include workshop hours completed.

If I’m unable to find my certificate of attendance from a workshop I attended, can I request another copy?

Yes, please contact the team at info@blueprint.co.nz.

In-person workshops

How long does the workshop run for?

MH101®, Addiction 101 and Leading Wellbeing at Work run for 8 hours.

Can I attend for half a day?

Once registered, participants are expected to attend the full day workshop.

Do I need to bring my own lunch?

Some of our in-person workshops are fully catered, but not all. Please refer to the information on your confirmation email.

What if I have food allergies or special dietary requirements?

When you register for a workshop, there is an option to let us know about any food allergies or special dietary requirements, but you can always contact us to double-check.

Is there a dress code?

Unless you’re required to wear a uniform by your organisation, we encourage participants to attend in comfortable, tidy attire.

Who do I contact if I am going to be late?

If you are running late the day of the workshop please contact the workshop venue listed on your confirmation email.

Online workshops

What equipment do I need to participate in an online workshop?

All online workshops are delivered via Zoom, which provides an interactive and engaging learning experience for participants. We recommend downloading the Zoom app, rather than using the Zoom web browser. Using the Zoom app allows the full use of the interactive tools which will give participants a better workshop experience.

To get the most out of each session, you will need:

  • a stable internet connection
  • your own device. The workshop uses breakout rooms for small group conversations so participants can’t share a device.
  • a microphone and camera connected to your device.

We recommend participants access the webinars using a laptop or computer with a camera (built-in or attached) rather than a tablet or phone.

If multiple participants are sitting in the same room, we recommend that everyone uses headphones. This stops any feedback or echoes through the online connection.

Where can I access the workbooks and resources?

Once you’ve registered for your online workshop, you will receive a confirmation email with a link and password to the online resources for all three sessions. 

How do I join the online workshop?
  • Once you have registered for the workshop, you will receive an email from info@blueprint.co.nz with the workshop date and time and the Zoom link you will use to join the workshop. For security reasons, please do not share this link with anyone else.
  • To join the workshop, click the Zoom link in the invitation email sent to you by info@blueprint.co.nz
  • We recommend you join 10 minutes before your workshop begins if you want to check your connection, audio and video.
  • We also recommend that you use headphones if these are available.

Using Zoom for an online workshop

What happens when I join the workshop?
  • You will be able to see the facilitators who will have their cameras and microphones turned on.
  • There will also be a workshop host from Blueprint who will control the chat function, and video and audio for attendees.
  • Your video and microphone can be turned off when you join the workshop.
  • Zoom has comprehensive instructions on what you can do as an attendee. You can read a good starter article here.
How do I control my screen, who I can see, etc?
• We ask that you familiarise yourself with Zoom before the workshop, and to try to solve any video and audio problems yourself first.
• If you need help, you can start a ‘chat’. The ‘chat’ button is at the bottom of the Zoom screen. If you can’t see it, move your mouse onto the Zoom screen.
• If there lots of people are asking questions, it may take a little while for the facilitator or host to get to you.
This feels strange! Why is it like this?
The webinar will have up to 25 attendees. The host controls audio and video for attendees to limit noise and minimise distractions for the attendees and facilitators. If 25 people have microphones on, the audio is swamped.
Can I re-join after leaving?
You can re-join at any time by clicking the original Zoom link.
Will the online workshop sessions be recorded?
No, these sessions encourage private conversations, and they will not be recorded or available for review by anyone in the future.
Help! I’m really stuck.
Use the chat function during the workshop and we’ll do our best to help you get things working. If you can’t join the workshop at all, please email info@blueprint.co.nz.

Covid-19 Update

Under the Orange setting, we do not require a vaccine pass to attend in-person workshops. Participants are encouraged to wear a face mask when attending an in-person workshop, and physical distancing will be maintained. Online workshops continue to be available.