Hannah Simmonds

Operations Support Coordinator

I provide coordination support across all Blueprint programmes, ensuring our processes and workshops run smoothly and participants receive the best possible training.

My background is in project coordination and administration; however, my passion lies in creative arts, social science and language – I completed my studies in linguistics and anthropology at Victoria University. I think it is wonderful how Blueprint for learning workshops emphasise the importance of language when speaking to or about people experiencing mental health or addiction problems, and the impact our words can have on others. None of us should be defined by our diagnoses or challenges.

I feel so fortunate to be a part of the amazing Blueprint whanau, who are so committed to their work educating and inspiring the people and communities of Aotearoa.

Maintain your wellbeing

Even good change can cause stress and anxiety. It's okay if you're feeling mixed emotions about New Zealand's move to Level 1. Blueprint for Learning's new webinar Stress, Resilience and Wellbeing can help you with strategies to manage these feelings and your overall wellbeing.