Bernadette Chong

Programme coordinator

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”(Andre Gide).

A holiday trip 12 years ago was the stepping stone of my journey into new oceans, leaving behind a comfortable and safe haven created by loving parents and support of the greater extended family. It was a leap of faith that enabled me to survive in the great big world of Aotearoa that has now become my 2nd home. It has given me many opportunities to grow holistically and develop my skills and knowledge on a personal and professional level.

My passion for helping others and socialising has paved the direction of my career path with 9 years working with young adults at Victoria University, recognising and empowering young minds that feel the weight of life’s crossroads. This includes providing assistance to students in relation to their financial situations, academics and well-being as they transitioned into university life; and I find myself privileged to be now associated with Blueprint for learning.

My role as a programme coordinator for MH 101 will include creating awareness and equipping others to recognize the symptoms of mental health challenges, react in a manner that shows empathy and respond positively. I am empowered in the words of Mother Teresa, “The fruit of love is service which is compassion in Action” to work with great love to make a difference in the lives of others in the little actions that I do in my role.

Covid-19 Update

Under the Orange setting, we do not require a vaccine pass to attend in-person workshops. Participants are encouraged to wear a face mask when attending an in-person workshop, and physical distancing will be maintained. Online workshops continue to be available.