Workshop facilitators

Our people bring diverse skills, cultures and life experiences.

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    Shubhangi Kaushik

    Facilitator - MH101®

    As a registered psychologist, I am interested in organisational change and how and why people adapt to and embrace change. I view working with organisations as low hanging fruit to increase awareness of mental wellbeing and build a positive workplace culture, therefore creating a wider impact in peoples lives.

    In my professional life, I have worked across different verticals of the non-government and government mental health sector, both at a strategic and grass-roots level, providing consultation on strategic vision, service design, development, implementation and delivery, and project and change management.

    Much of my working career has involved facilitation in some way, shape or form. I see it as a way to equip others with the tools they need to understand mental well-being, supporting early intervention. I also see it as a great learning opportunity for myself, meeting new people and fostering positive discussions on important topics, while developing new perspectives.

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    Sialei Anamani

    Facilitator - MH101®

    My name is Sialei Anamani and I have been a passionate facilitator of the MH101 programme since 2013. My background is in programme delivery, development, coaching and mentoring, and of course adult education and facilitation.

    I have a real interest in trauma informed research and care and believe this field is going to start changing our mental health system in the years to come. It's an honour to be able to deliver a programme that touches people's lives in a real way and encourages positive change.

    I get to be a part of this every day I go to work, walking alongside people as they look at their wellbeing and learn about ways to support themselves and others - a true blessing!

    Outside of my work with MH101, I am a mother of a gorgeous four-year-old boy, and care for my own wellbeing by ensuring I have balance by exploring creative endeavours, writing music, sport and staying connected with family and friends. 

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    Steve Carter

    Facilitator - MH101®

    After graduating with an Honours degree in Business Law, I have built up 30 years of experience in community development and social justice across various roles in the UK and Aotearoa/NZ. For 10 years, I was a Mental Health Promoter with the Mental Health Foundation, working on the Like Minds, Like Mine and Five Ways To Wellbeing campaigns and I was also part of the team that set up the All Right? campaign following the Christchurch earthquakes.

    I am excited to be part of the MH101® team as I love to use my skills and knowledge to help promote open dialogue and understanding about mental health and wellbeing in our communities. I identify as tangata whaiora and I am passionate about using my personal lived experience to help others develop confidence when talking about recovery.

    I am also a musician and writer, a permaculturist, and my superpower is T’ai Chi.

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    Stuart Bruce

    Facilitator - Addiction 101

    Stuart is one of our facilitators for Addiction 101.

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    Suzy Morrison

    Facilitator - Addiction 101

    I was born in Kaitangata and raised in Milton. I have two daughters and three grandchildren and I’ve lived in Auckland for 40+ years.

    I’ve been working in the addiction sector in both residential and community settings for more than 20 years, latterly in an addiction workforce development role. I’m proud to be part of Addiction 101.

    It’s a person-centered and interactive workshop which reduces stigma for people and their family and whānau. We are all learning together.

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    Synthia Dash

    Facilitator - MH101®

    I am of Samoan and European decent. I have worked in the mental health, addiction, disability and social service sectors for 20 years. I’ve had both frontline support roles working with people with disabilities, at risk youth and the elderly, and back-facing roles in workforce development, cultural competency, service quality and improvement, systemic advocacy and mental health research.

    I was motivated to become an MH101 facilitator through my passion for using my lived experience to breakdown stigma and discrimination towards mental illness and to equip ordinary New Zealanders with knowledge and tools to support their own mental health and wellbeing.

    I love empowering people to recognise, relate and respond appropriately to those with mental distress, whether it be their clients, friends or family. I believe we all have a role to help New Zealanders’ mental health flourish and to prevent suicide and self-harm in our communities.

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    Vito Nonumalo

    Facilitator - MH101®

    Talofa lava, I’m a New Zealand-born Samoan, originally from Wellington but now living in the South Island.

    My career in mental health spans 20 years, but originally come from a background in broadcasting and journalism. What draws me to work in this area is my own personal experience of depression and anxiety and what it has taught me not just about myself, but about people in general.

    I‘ve been a facilitator with the MH101 workshop programme since it started in 2009 and I love the chance to share knowledge with people from all walks of life.

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    Dr Wayne Duncan

    Facilitator - MH101®

    Kia ora 

    Most know me as a person who enjoys nothing more than being with people, sharing ideas and experiences as we grow together. This is possibly why I have a passion for education, psychology, social research and a range of other interests involving people and new experiences.  Combined with being involved in teaching, school management, project management, consultancy and research, I also completed my Masters in Educational Psychology and a Doctorate in an area of special social importance, that of Empathy.  

    For me, however, true wisdom comes from the merging of knowledge and experience.  As such I believe I am fortunate to view mental health through a range of lenses, those of knowledge, personal experience, and helping others with mental health issues.  As part of MH101® I will relish the opportunity to share my perspectives looking through those lenses and also learning from yours. You may even find meeting me interesting, as I am also known as a bit of a laugh!

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