Carina Allen


Carina Allen

Facilitator - MH101®

My journey over the last decade in the area of mental health has seen me working with individuals and groups, and in a range of roles and settings but always with the same purpose – to deepen understanding. I am passionate about the idea of people finding value in their experience as well as their contributions.

Facilitating for Blueprint for Learning gives me the opportunity to deliver a programme that aligns with my values, a programme I can deliver confidently, knowing that the information proffered, as well as the delivery style, reflects current best practice and research.

Alongside my facilitator role at Blueprint for Learning, I am a children’s counselor at Atareira, a peer supporter on The Piki Project, a business owner and operator at The Zen Division and a founding member of ATLEN (Aotearoa Therapists with Lived Experience Network: Empowering therapists who wear two lenses), amongst other things.

I dance whenever I can (in-car dancing included), for, ‘While I dance I cannot judge, I cannot hate, I cannot separate myself form life. I can only be joyful and whole. That is why I dance.’

Maintain your wellbeing

Even good change can cause stress and anxiety. It's okay if you're feeling mixed emotions about New Zealand's move to Level 1. Blueprint for Learning's new webinar Stress, Resilience and Wellbeing can help you with strategies to manage these feelings and your overall wellbeing.