Alexander El Amanni

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Alex El Amanni

Facilitator - Addiction 101

Ko Ruapehu te maunga; ko Waitematā te moana; ko Alex El Amanni toku ingoa.

Alex El Amanni is an alcohol and drug counsellor, Auckland DHB consumer advisor, and an addiction researcher. Alex recently came on board with Blueprint for Learning as an Addiction 101 facilitator.

Alex has a triumphant story of recovery with a history of substance and gambling addiction, criminal offending and mental unwellness, he is now working to support people who have had the same life experiences as him.

Alex is passionate about providing a voice for people with lived experience of addiction and mental illness. Through delivering the Addiction 101 workshop he has been given an opportunity to share the highs and lows of his life to prove that recovery is possible even in the presence of major disadvantage.

Alex’s message of recovery is to model hope for those who have lost hope in themselves.

MH101®, Addiction 101 and Leading Wellbeing at Work workshops have been postponed until 30 April 2020. For more information see our News page.