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Blain Collinge


My past paints a colourful picture filled with mistakes, poor decisions and mana detracting actions, all as a result of my addiction. I gave away my family and my freedom for many years.

Today, I am a Dad, a brother, a partner, a son and a friend. I have my freedom and a promising future being in recovery.

I work at Red Door Recovery, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in Wellington as intake manager, group facilitator and recovery coach. Through this mahi, I help others find recovery from a lived experience standpoint.

Removing the stigma around addiction, changing the narrative that our past does not determine our future, and that transformation is possible if we are willing to do the work is something I am passionate about sharing with others.

Today I stand in my mana and am committed to working on myself daily. Today my daughter gets to see an inspiring man that she can be proud of and that is my biggest why.

I hope my journey can help and inspire people in the future, and that the obstacles I have overcome can become lessons for others.

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