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He/Him or They/Them

Adam Rohe

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I am a clown with a passion for social development projects. My formal training is primarily within the performing arts industry, where I have worked in storytelling of various forms for the past eight years. Projects I participate in always have the uplifting of minority voices at their core, and work to celebrate and reduce stigma around these marginalized communities.

For the past two years, I have worked in the Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging industry under the Rainbow Tick programme, working to improve workplace inclusion practices for LGBTQIA+ employees. My first engagement with Blueprint was through this context, supporting them through their own Rainbow inclusion journey.

I have lived and living experience of mental distress, including anxiety, depression, emotional dysregulation, temporary psychosis and gender dysphoria. These experiences are absolutely precious to me, building resilience, empathy and interdependence into the bedrock of my life.




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