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MH101 logo. It takes confidence to respond effectively to mental illness in family, friends and people you work with. It can be challenging - and it is an area where most of us benefit from some practical assistance and useful skills.

MH101 has been developed to give you greater confidence to:

  • recognise mental distress
  • relate better to those experiencing mental illness
  • respond in an appropriate way by providing you with practical tools and ideas.

MH101 has been designed for those working on the frontline of government and social sector agencies, but is ideal for anyone who may work alongside people with experience of mental illness and/or addictions. If your day-to-day work puts you in contact with people from a wide spectrum of backgrounds, MH101 could be for you.

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MH101 has been developed for the Ministry of Health by Blueprint for Learning, in association with other leading health and learning organisations including ProCare, The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, Case Consulting and the Mental Health Foundation.

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