Daphne Chan

Project lead (Training)

My role is to develop and oversee e-learning products, as well as managing the Leading Wellbeing at Work and Addiction 101 programmes.

Leading Wellbeing at Work is designed to provide managers, team leaders and emerging leaders the knowledge and confidence to recognise and understand mental health and substance use issues.

Addiction 101 is aimed at developing participants’ knowledge and confidence to understand and recognise addiction and wellbeing challenges.

I’m passionate about the role of holistic wellbeing in the workplace, and I’m excited to be involved with work that is aimed at raising awareness of mental health, substance use issues and wellbeing challenges in the workplace.

Maintain your wellbeing

Even good change can cause stress and anxiety. It's okay if you're feeling mixed emotions about New Zealand's move to Level 1. Blueprint for Learning's new webinar Stress, Resilience and Wellbeing can help you with strategies to manage these feelings and your overall wellbeing.