Angela Gruar

Manager – learning and development

I am responsible for overseeing several initiatives which aim to support, improve and enhance the knowledge and skills of practitioners working in the mental health sector. Skills Matter is one of these initiatives. It’s a programme which ensures the professional development of the clinical mental health and addiction workforce and is a key workforce development opportunity.

Other areas of work that sit in my portfolio and are led and supported by my team are leadership development, co-existing problems, reducing seclusion and restraint, knowledge exchange and children of parents with mental illness and/or addiction. In my work I aim to keep people using services and their families and whānau, in the centre of all that we do to support their recovery.

I have a Master of Arts in Education (Psychology). Prior to moving to Te Pou I have always worked in the public sector. Before joining Te Pou and Blueprint for Learning, I was a senior contract manager in the Mental Health Service Improvement Group at the Ministry of Health, contracting for both new budget initiatives such as the Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Services, and national services. When I started at the Ministry of Health in 2007, I managed the contract with Te Pou which at the time was a brand new entity – it is exciting to now be a part of the Te Pou and Blueprint for Learning team.